President: Jane Amstey
VP Administration & President Elect: Lisa Waltzer
VP Membership: Nancy Gabrielsen-Tinnes
Treasurer: Ellie Rosenbloom 
Financial Secretary: Brenda Comisar
Recording Secretary: Wendy Strauss
Immediate Past President: Amy Stein  


Rikki Brodsky (Public Affairs Co-Chair)
Linda Bice
Marilyn Fenster
Sandra Frankel
Barbara Grosh
Jennifer Loviglio
Pauline Rutberg
Cathy Schneider (Tributes Coordinator)
Kathye Simon
Wendy Strauss
Randi Fox Tabb


Donna Cohen
Cindy Finestone
Cindy Hirschberg
Emily Levin
Karen McArthur
Leslie Newman
Melissa Fox Pheterson
Terri Richardson (Community Engagement Chair)
Lisa Maas-Vangellow (Public Affairs Co-Chair)


Gloria Kaplan

The Greater Rochester Section of the National Council of Jewish Women was founded in 1894.

Some of the current programs we offer our community are:  

  • Consider College — An academic and career mentoring program for low-income students in the Rochester City School District. 
  • Books, Mommy and Me — an early childhood literacy program for teen moms and their preschoolers in coalition with the YWCA.
  • Higher Ground — our newest national initiative to end domestic violence by helping women gain the economic stability they need to leave abusive relationships.

In the past, the Greater Rochester Section:  

  • helped update and distribute the Monroe County Homeless Guide.
  • published and distributed the Consumer Guide to Elder Services and placed it on the internet.
  • participated in building a Habitat for Humanity House.
  • fought homophobia in our schools with “Project Teaching Respect,” a documentary produced in conjunction with WOKR-TV, Channel 13.
  • placed domestic abuse awareness posters in the Jewish community.
  • helped design “Perilous Journeys,” an educational tool for teaching the Holocaust.
  • provided toys for the children’s corners at United Way’s C.A.S.H. tax preparation sites.

Section and Individual Accomplishments:

  • 1991  National Fundraising Award for Artists-in-Residences event
  • 1992 Winner of Goals for Greater Rochester Goal Getter Award for Homeless Guide
  • 1993 National Fundraising Award for Stay-At-Home Ball
  • 1994 Greater Rochester Section helped bring Home Instruction Program for Pre-school Youngsters (HIPPY) to Baden Street Child Development Center
  • 2000 Friend of the Community Award given by The Gay Alliance of the Genesee Valley Gay Alliance for Project Teaching Respect
  • Past Woman of the Year Judy Abelman is an Honorary National Vice President of NCJW, Inc.
  • Past President Arlene Schenker was an NCJW, Inc. Commissioner and a 2007
  • National Nominating Committee member.
  • Past President Donna Cohen was an NCJW, Inc. Commissioner
  • Past President Ronny Frishman was an NCJW, Inc. Commissioner
  • Past President Mollie Traub was an NCJW, Inc. board member, Chair of the National Bylaws Committee and is currently an NCJW, Inc. Commissioner

Please follow the link below to The GRS Bylaws.  They have been approved by the GRS Board of Directors and the NCJW,Inc. Committee on Bylaws and Policies and Procedures.  They will be voted on by the general membership at the next meeting that has a quorum.  If you have questions please contact the bylaws committee at ncjwgrs@gmail.com.