Vote for NCJW, GRS 2021-2022 Officers!

Vote for the 2021-2022 Slate of Officers! Thank you to the Nominating Committee members for their hard work to fill the positions of the Officers and Board of Directors. The Board has approved the 2021-2022 Slate shown below. 

Please vote by sending an email to saying “I approve the slate for 2021/2022” or “I do not approve the slate for 2021/2022 by April 21, 2021”.  If you do NOT send an email by this date, your vote will be counted as “I approve the slate for 2021/2022”.  Thank you.
 NCJW Greater Rochester Section Slate for the Board 2021/22
President – Lisa Waltzer 
Treasurer – Brenda Comisar 
Financial Secretary – Pauline Rutberg 
Recording Secretary – Wendy Strauss
Membership VP– Ellie Rosenbloom and Amy Stein
Nominating Committee Chair/ immediate Past President – Jane Amstey
Board of Directors:
Term Ending June 30, 2022:      Rikki Brodsky       Donna Cohen
      Cindy Finestone
      Cindy Hirschberg
      Emily Levin
      Karen McArthur
      Leslie Newman
      Terri Richardson 
      Lisa Maas-Vangellow Term Ending June 30, 2023:
      Linda Bice 
      Marilyn Fenster 
      Sandra Frankel 
      Jennifer Loviglio 
      Rina Schnaufer
      Cathy Schneider
      Sarah Walters
Thank you to the Nominating Committee members: Jane Amstey, Lisa Maas Vangellow, Ellie Rosenbloom, Michele Ruda, Pauline Rutberg, Amy Stein, chair, and Lisa Waltzer.