PAD Project (Providing Access and Dignity)

Did you know that many underserved women and girls regularly miss work and school during their menstrual cycle? They can’t afford tampons and pads!

Government programs like SNAP, formerly food stamps, do not provide for feminine hygiene products. When faced with the prospect of stretching a few dollars, women often put their children’s needs first, buying diapers rather than tampons and pads for themselves. Sometimes they use paper towels or cut-up diapers to substitute for tampons or pads.

In response to this constant need, NCJW, GRS and The Scensible Source Company, creator of Scensibles disposal bags, have developed the P.A.D. Project Initiative, which stands for providing access and dignity to women and girls during their monthly cycle.

How do we do this?

We organize “kit parties,” educate the public, and meet with legislators to get the laws changed. Kit parties, where we assemble hundreds of packages of feminine hygiene products, can be held by service organizations, social groups, businesses, schools or even a group of friends. It’s fun! A full cycle kit” contains 15 pads, 5 pantiliners and 12 SCENSIBLES disposal bags, roughly enough to get a woman through one menstrual cycle. An “emergency kit” contains two pads, two pantiliners and two SCENSIBLES disposal bags.

We also help groups manage collection drives, where members of a company or group donate pads and pantiliners, which are then donated.

Who are the recipients?

Women in need. We have donated thousands of pads to organizations that serve women in need, including Sojourner House, Center for Youth Services as well as food pantries, schools, veterans organizations, local outreach centers, a refugee center, etc.

What got us started on this important project?

We were inspired by NCJW member Ann Germanow, founder of The Scensible Source Company, who identified the need. A generous grant from a local foundation helped us get our work started.

What about advocacy? Feminine hygiene products are expensive and taxable!

In addition to providing kits to underserved women and educating the public about the need, we advocate for change. We wrote letters of support and talked with legislators and did our part in repealing New York’s ‘tampon tax.’ The elimination of the ‘tampon tax’ went into effect September 1, 2016.

Want to join our initiative?

Give us a call. We’d love to have individuals or organizations get involved by sponsoring a kit party, a collection drive, or advocating for change. We also invite additional financial support to further our program. Contact Gina Horowitz at or 585-482-8652.

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