March PADness 2021: A Virtual P.A.D. Party

In the spring of 2020, NCJW GRS created the first Virtual P.A.D. Party, which allowed NCJW members and friends to purchase, assemble, and donate menstrual products while staying distanced and safe. That ‘party’ along with one held in the fall yielded 900 kits, which were donated to 20 agencies, including Mothers in Need of Others (MINO).

the March PADness 2021 effort 

AMAZON: Purchase pads, tampons and liners (individually wrapped) via our NCJW GRS Amazon Wish List here.

Send directly to: 
Soralee Cook |5 Dartford Road|Rochester, NY |14618 
Please note: If you send them as a gift, we’ll have your name and can thank you.

ANY STORE: Purchase pads, tampons and liners (individually wrapped) from any store and deliver them to:
Soralee Cook|5 Dartford Road|Rochester, NY|14618 OR
Gina Horowitz |95 Wisconsin Street|Rochester, NY|14609

ASSEMBLERS & DRIVERS: If you are interested in volunteering to assemble kits or driving to deliver the completed kits, please contact Gina Horowitz via email here or call (585) 482-8652.