An Evening With Our Monroe County Board of Commissioners

Behind the Scenes: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Handling Elections

Thursday, April 1st at 7:00 pm by Zoom

NCJW, GRS is proud to partner with League of Women Voters of Rochester Metropolitan Area to bring you An Evening with our Monroe County Board of Elections Commissioners, featuring Lisa P. Nicolay, Republican Commissioner, and Jackie Ortiz, Democratic Commissioner.
Join us April 1st at 7 pm for a behind the scenes look at the Board of Elections and learn: • What happens when people cast their votes? (Absentee, Early Voting, Election Day)• Where does your vote go and how does it get there?
• Who oversees the process and what kind of screening do those people undergo?
• Who reports the numbers and to whom?
• How is it that the media get the numbers so quickly?
• What kind of security is built into the process to ensure that things are done correctly?
• What is the process of handling absentee ballot applications?
• What is the process of handling absentee ballot receipt and counting?
• Why does it take so much longer for NYS to count absentee ballots than other states?

• What will be different in 2021?
• Lessons learned from 2020
• What legislated changes are going into effect in 2021 Elections for the primaries and for the general election?
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