Hannah G. Solomon award

This award recognizes an individual in the community who exemplifies and promotes the principles upon which National Council of Jewish Women was founded, to improve the quality of life and equality of opportunity for everyone.

The honored recipients have been:

1978Judge Donald J. Corbett, Jr.
1979Ted and Betty Altier
1980Garson Meyer
1981Phyllis Korn
1982Margaret H. Baum
1983Leigh Ehresman
1984B.J. Yudelson
1985Lois Davis
1986Gary Mervis
1987Elliot and Dorothy Landsman
1989Dr. Frederick C. Jefferson, Jr.
1990Dr. William Valenti
1991Pearl W. Rubin
1992Nan Johnson
1993Dr. James R. Woods, Jr.
1994Carol O’Connor
1996Chris Wilson
1997Dr. Eric Schaff
1999Joanne VanZandt
2000Linda Cornell Weinstein
2001 Hon. Michael Miller
2002Mayor William A. Johnson, Jr.
2003Isobel Goldman
2004Dr. Wende Young
2005Sister Beth LeValley
2006Rabbi Alan Katz
2007Germaine Knapp
2008Lorene Benson
2009Louise Slaughter
2010Dr. Walter Cooper
2011Dr. Gladys Velarde
2012Patricia Braus
2013Fran Weisberg
2014Jean Caroll
2015Elaine Spaull
2016Larry Marx
2017Dr. Rachael Phelps
2018Mary Andrecolich-Montesano-Diaz
2019Ellen Smith
Dr. Daniel Mendelson
2022Carmen Allen