Your Vote Matters!


What has NCJW GRS done to date?

  • Members of the Public Affairs committee met virtually with Congressmen Joe Morelle to advocate our position to have safe and accessible elections.  Rep. Morelle completely supports all of the #VoteSafe goals and its mission. The consensus is that on a Federal level there will likely not be much success in legislation passed to provide state funding that is needed.
  • In partnership with League of Women Voters to educate the community, a Zoom Webinar took place on May 27th on the June primary elections.  The Public Affairs committee will continue to work with the LWV to enhance our common interests for elections in November.  We are working under the assumption that the pandemic will still be a factor in November voting. 
  • As information is fluid and facts change daily, the committee will disseminate a bi-weekly communication of what we know as information is available.  When this is received, it is CRITICAL that the membership forward to their friends and personal network in the Greater Rochester Community.  All that is needed is that the individual support our mission and our progressive ideals.


What can YOU do TODAY?

  • Dispel myths and rumors around voting.  Communicate the truth:
  • Mail in ballots are safe and secure
  • Early voting IS available in New York State.  The dates for Early Voting are October 24 through November 1. 
    • Early voting polling locations are different from Election Day in-person voting locations.  AND, there are considerably fewer polling locations.  IT IS CRITICALLY IMPORTANT TO KNOW WHERE THESE EARLY VOTING LOCATIONS ARE – ANY REGISTERED VOTER CAN EARLY VOTE AT ANY LOCATIONS.
  • If you are able and feel safe, volunteer to be a poll worker.   There is a shortage of willing and qualified poll workers.  Contact either the Monroe County Board of Elections or YOUR local town party for more information.


How can New Yorkers insist on safer elections in November?

YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE – Remember #votesafe

Thank you

Rikki Brodsky and Lisa Vangellow

Social Action Committee Co-Chairs