The P.A.D. Project

The P.A.D. Project (providing access and dignity to women during their monthly menstrual cycle) began two years ago when we learned that low-income and homeless women can’t always afford the products they need during their menstrual cycle. The P.A.D. Project holds pad and tampon kit-making parties and donates the kits to emergency shelters, food pantries, and other organizations that help women. To learn more about this committee and its work, contact Gina Horowitz at / 585-482-8652.

Your synagogue, women’s group, senior group, co-workers are invited to hold a kit-making party. In just about one hour, your group of 8 to 10 people can make 500 emergency kits or 130 back-up kits. The women who receive the kits can keep their dignity intact by not having to ask for these necessities or do without.

We also work on advocacy. There is a bill (A7555) in the New York State Assembly that would, if passed, eliminate taxes on pads and tampons. Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, and our neighbors New Jersey and Pennsylvania have actively decided to end taxes on tampons and pads. Help organize our efforts to help pass this bill.