Messages To Our Community

Message from Our President

Dear Friends,
We want you to know we are thinking about our 400 members and families, our entire Greater Rochester community and all people impacted during these challenging times. While it’s important to physically distance and stay home, we can also find ways to maintain social connections with one another. Please take a moment to reach out, call  friends or family, write a note or send an email. We will stay in touch with you through email and our social media about ways we can be engaged in our community. 
Please see the email below from the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester to help our community. 
Please take care and know we are all in this together. 
Jane Amstey, NCJW, GRS President 
NCJW, GRS Board of Directors

Message from Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester
Dear Friends,

Our Jewish community is facing unprecedented times. It will be months, if not years, until we are fully able to assess the total impact of the COVID-19 virus on our Jewish Community. At this point we know that our Jewish institutions are facing significant and potentially catastrophic loss. We also know that our beloved community members have social, emotional and financial needs right now and in the weeks and months to come, as this crisis continues to unfold. Our role at the Jewish Federation has always been to respond to the needs of our community and never has our community been more in need as we are today. 
Our buildings may be closed, but the work of the Federation never stops. Our Federation is up and running and doing what we do best, ensuring that we build and protect a strong and vibrant Jewish future.  
To that end, The Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester, along with our local Jewish agency leaders have developed a multi-faceted and comprehensive response to help support our community through this most challenging and uncertain time. Effective immediately, we are launching the Community Relief and Recovery Fund, aimed at helping our institutions manage the economic impact, providing support for a range of current and anticipated social services, and offering emergency assistance to those most vulnerable and impacted in our community. 
The Community Relief and Recovery Fund is the first of its kind. Based entirely on the defined needs of our local institutions and the constituencies they serve, The Community Relief and Recovery Fund enables us to transcend our individual roles and focus entirely on our community as a whole. The stakes could not be higher. The success of the Community and Recovery Fund has the potential to significantly impact the vitality of the community as we know it and provide life-saving measures to those in need. We know that no one else will care for the Jewish community in the way that we need to do so, right now.
Our Jewish values and traditions are a guiding light ensuring that we are always doing what is right and just for our community. It is in these challenging times that we need our community support the most. As we begin to make plans and preparations for Passover, our traditions remind us that we are a strong and resilient people, when we work together and support each other. As you begin to think about Passover, we ask that you also think about how you help secure the future and help those in need. This is what our values dictate we do, right now. 
We know that challenging times can bring out the best in people. We are confident that through our continued partnership with local agencies, compassion for each other, and characteristic resilience – we will emerge from this stronger as a community. 
To make your contribution to the Jewish Community Relief and Recovery Fund, please click here. If you are in need of services, please call the emergency hotline at 585.461.0114 which will be active Wednesday, March 18 at 8:00 a.m.
Wishing you a happy and HEALTHY Passover. 
Meredith Dragon, CEO