Repairing the Planet II—Hope Through Action

earth viewed from spaceWe are reminded constantly by news of hurricanes, floods, droughts, and fires that climate change is upon us.  It is essential that we take action now to avert the worst outcomes that might come.  Join us to learn more about what actions we can take to reverse climate change and preserve a livable climate for our children.

Speaker 1: Norma Polizzi, local environmental lawyer and member of the Climate Reality Project.  Norma will share with us information on the current state of the atmosphere and international efforts to work together.

Speaker 2: Sue Staropoli, Pachamama Alliance.  Sue will introduce us to the Drawdown Project, a list of the 100 most effective changes we can make to reverse climate change.

There will be letters we can write to policymakers.  Local environmental groups will be present to help us find where to connect for this important work.

Doors will open at 6:30 to allow plenty of time to visit with local groups.  We hope people will be in their seats by 7 so we can get started with our ambitious agenda.

Admission is $5.  Light refreshments will be served.  A sign-language interpreter will be available if requested by Jan. 9. Questions: email, or call Arlene Schenker at 704-4193

  • Repairing the Planet II—Hope Through Action
    January 23, 2019
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



2131 Elmwood Ave Rochester, NY 14618 Please use Door F