End the Menstrual Tax

stack of sanitary pads and calendar with days circlesNCJW, Greater Rochester Section is supporting a bill that would eliminate taxes on pads and tampons in New York State and would make these necessities more accessible to millions of women. Assembly member Linda B. Rosenthal introduced the bill (A7555) in the NY State House of Representatives and is now calling upon us to write letters of support. She is holding a press conference on March 16, 2016 in Albany and would like as many letters as possible by then.

Please print out the letter, sign it, and mail it to Assembly Member Linda B. Rosenthal, LOB 627, Albany, NY 12248. Or you can email it to her at RosentL@assembly.state.ny.us

Ten excellent reasons for supporting this bill are included in the letter.

There is a similar bill in the  NY Senate (S6726), introduced by Senator Susan Serino. In a recent phone call to Senator Serino’s office, I received an optimistic update on the status of the Senate bill, which is currently in the Investigations and Government Operations Committee. Senator Serino’s office is pleased with the broad network of support and expects it to get to the floor for a vote.

Please write and send a letter.

Gina Horowitz